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The cooling system in a modern vehicle is a very sophisticated system indeed. Gone are the days of just water and antifreeze, we now have a tailored coolant that is an amalgum of numerous chemicals that not only provide the required cooling effect but also offer better resistance to freezing and corrosion whilst providing an element of lubrication.

Many systems are now effectively "filled for life". Modern engines needs to get up to optimum operating temperature as soon as possible in order to reduce harmful emissions that are generated when the engine is cold. It is also necessary to prevent the engine from overheating and so causing damage to the engine. 

The radiator, electric fan and thermostat are responsible for achieving this temperature control. The thermostat acts as a restriction in the water flow allowing the heat generated from the combustion process to transfer to the coolant and so achieve optimum temperature as soon as possible.

As the optimum operating temperature is achieved the thermostat becomes fully open thus allowing the full flow of the engine coolant.

The Autotec range of fully engineered thermostats gives customers an affordable solution to their requirements.