iLS Intelligent LED Solution

img/iLS Unit.png

European regulations stipulate that in the event of lighting failure on a direction indicator a visible or audible warning should be provided. This is achieved by either increasing the flash rate of the remaining lights in the circuit or by switching off the dashboard indicator light in the case of vehicles with trailers.

LED light clusters, whilst providing longer life and lower energy consumption can suffer from a problem of failure detection.  The iLS is a universal solution that allows the detection of an LED cluster failure for a unit rated between 1w and 8w.

When used in conjunction with Autelettrics LED flasher units, the iLS solution provides reliable detection of LED cluster failure and prevents the common problem of irregular or spurious signals.

The power consumption of the iLS unit is minimal and so it produces no heat, allowing it to be fitted anywhere on the vehicle.

This unique product is covered by a European patent ( 2 540 570), is homologated to ECE E24 10R-030926 and fully tested for compliance with the ISO 13207-1:2012 standard for road vehicle LED lamp characteristics for bulb compatible failure detection.