About Us

By embracing global sourcing, European parts distributors can significantly reduce component acquisition costs, so maintaining and indeed improving profitability. Autotec Components looks to facilitate business between parts distributors and global manufacturers.

Autotec Components purchasing team has many years of experience in automotive component sourcing. Through this experience a great number of contacts have been made with key manufacturers, particularly in the Far East. Product is sourced from suppliers, many of which are TS accredited and whose factories have been inspected by Autotec Components.

Autotec Components can foster a new relationship between manufacturer and parts distributor as well as offering consolidated shipping to the UK and Europe.

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One of the main challenges facing todays aftermarket parts distributors is that of managing the broader ranges of product that are required to maintain a significant vehicle parc coverage. Today, a business may run with lean headcounts and the danger is that the focus of that business will only be on the fast movers.

Autotec Components can provide a solution to this issue by providing new part number information to facilitate first to market part introductions. In addition, a localised stock holding facility is available allowing little and often stock replenishment for contracted customers. This also reduces import and carriage costs as well as lead times. We also offer a dedicated focus on specific product ranges to source or develop pattern parts to meet market demand.

Autotec Components can provide a solution to all of your sourcing requirements and you're only one click away, contact us today.