LED Light Link

img/LLL 01_LED Light Link_Comm_EN.jpg

LED light units offer fleet operators significant improvements in reliability over the traditional tungsten filament bulb unit and are becoming increasingly more popular. However, there have been issues in the market, particularly with fleets of articulated vehicles.

European regulations stipulate that in the event of lighting failure on a direction indicator a visible or audible warning should be provided. This is achieved by either increasing the flash rate of the remaining lights in the circuit or by switching off the dashboard indicator light in the case of vehicles with trailers.

In many cases, the prime movers flasher unit may not be compatible with the ISO 13207-1 specification signal output on a trailer fitted with LED lamps resulting in non compliance with the ECE R48 regulation. This can be overcome by the fitting of a compatible electronic flasher unit (see our range of LED flasher units).

The alternative solution is to effectively make the trailer lighting system universal by fitting the LED Light Link unit. This will allow the trailer to be coupled to any vehicle regardless of the type of flasher unit fitted. When the direction indicator is working (power draw is greater than 1 watt) a resistor is switched on. When the DI light unit fails the power drops below 1 watt and so the resistor is switched off, therefore triggering the failure display output built into the flasher unit.

Competitively priced and easy to install, this unit offers the fleet operator peace of mind by eliminating truck/trailer DI lighting compatibility issues.